Hosted by: Julie Merrill

Julie Merrill brings together her passion for business and active sports in The Paddleboarding CPA podcast. Not only will your active sports business benefit from the tips, stories, lessons learned and business hacks...


Caroline Raphael trains with Paddle Monster to attempt Guinness World Record paddle of Lebanon's coastline

Season #1 Episode #29

Caroline Raphael of Surf Shack Lebanon is taking her paddling to the next level by training for an upcoming epic feat. She will be attempting to set a new Guinness World Record by paddling over 180 km in 24 hours...
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Increase sales, reduce overwhelm and crush it this holiday season with FREE Holiday Planning Guide - 28

Season #1

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to make money in the off season.  Over the next 6 weeks, your customers will be shopping online and spending money on themselves, their families and loved ones. How...
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Reach NEW paddlers by finding out EXACT questions they are asking - using language to reach more customers - 027

Season #1 Episode #27

Break down barriers by using the EXACT language that new customers and new paddlers know and understand. Understand the various types of customer personas or avatars, as diagramed below in the paddling customer...
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Connecting with your customers, community and true nature through SUP Yoga - Ash Bourgeois of Wild Path - 026

Season #1 Episode #26

Ash Bourgeois, owner of Wild Path, shares her story of bringing standup paddle board yoga to the prairies in Winnipeg, Canada.  She specializes in going places nobody knows about where SUP is the only way can get...
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Paddleboarding with dogs! Sam from SUP Pups California combines her passion for SUP and dogs with SUP Pups California - 025

Season #1 Episode #25

Sam is making money doing what she loves on the water with both her passions: standup paddle boarding and dogs with SUP Pups California. Inspired by her rescue dog Jack, aka The Dingo Jack, Sam dove into a niche...
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Instagram Stories: The HOW, WHAT and WHY to use IG Stories to grow your SUP, kayak and outdoor fitness business - 024

Season #1 Episode #24

What are Instagram Stories, ideas for posting, how to post, how to optimize and why you need to be using them in your SUP, kayak and outdoor fitness business.  The RAWness of Instagram Stories makes them relatable,...
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The SUP Online Academy and Rhine River SUP with Peter Rochel - 023

Season #1 Episode #23

Peter is a serial entrepreneur in Cologne, Germany with a passion for water sports and standup paddleboarding.  Peter runs an innovation company and water sports business and has found a way to combine his two...
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Ina's Mermaid School with SUP instructor, pilates fitness trainer and free diver Karen Tickner - 022

Season #1 Episode #22

Karen Tickner, an active free diver, pilates and SUP instructor has turned her passion for mermaids into a profitable venture.  Ina’s Mermaid School teaches you and your kids how to swim and do tricks while wearing a...
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Business and Marketing TIPS for New SUP and SUP Yoga Instructors - 021

Season #1 Episode #21

Julie talks business and marketing tips for new stand up paddle board, paddleboard yoga, SUP, kayak and outdoor fitness instructors.  From setting up your business to collecting money, strategizing your class list,...
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7 Day Adventure SUP River Trip down the Escalante with Adventure Photographer Dylan Brown - 020

Season #1 Episode #20

Adventure sports photographer Dylan Brown shares his journey reflecting on his 7 day, 96 mile Escalante River SUP adventure.  As the leader, photographer and cinematographer, he shares personal reasons for wanting to...
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Kids SUP camps and adventures in a tourist location with Jessica D'Aleo of YoloBoard Adventures - 019

Season #1 Episode #19

OLO Board Adventures offers standup paddle board SUP kids camps and a variety of other adventures in Sandestin Florida.  Jessica D’Aleo discusses the challenges and what’s involved in the kids camp she manages...
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SUP YO! combines love for outdoors, travel, yoga and SUP Yoga into a successful multi-seasonal paddle board yoga business - 018

Season #1 Episode #18

Jana Olenio is the owner and founder of SUP YO!, a standup paddle board yoga company based in Boston and throughout New Hampshire.  Jana brought SUP Yoga to Boston in 2012 and is a pioneer in this area.  Fast forward...
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