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Outsource my QuickBooks Online setup, clean-up, catch-up or monthly bookkeeping.

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Schedule a NEW CLIENT strategy call with Julie. If you hire Julie, the cost of the call will be deducted off your amount owed.

Grant Access

Invite Julie to your QuickBooks Online as an accountant so that it can be discussed during your scheduled call.

Defined Scope of Work

Julie will provide a detailed scope of work to be performed and price. If agreed upon, you sign it, provide payment information and work begins.

Work With Julie

Documents are shared securely, communication preferences are set and Julie provides deliverables in agreed upon timeline.



Based on your preferences, your transactions will be updated in QBO weekly, 2x/month, or monthly.

All clients will get direction on simplifying and automating their accounting work flows.

All clients will get monthly bank and credit card reconciliations.

For any transactions with questions, they will be coded to the “Ask My Accountant” account. Each month, a list of these transactions will be exported and sent to you in Excel so you can easily leave a note or requested etail in the spreadsheet and send back.

Your transactions will be recategorized and you will receive your monthly financial statements.

If you would like a budget or check-in call to review the numbers, you can book it here.

I am a current client, and want to schedule a check-in call

NOTE: Ongoing monthly bookkeeping is independent of QuickBooks Online Setup, Clean-up and Catch-up projects. At the completion of those projects, you can determine if you want to do-it-yourself or outsource your monthly bookkeeping tasks.

Monthly Bookkeeping Pricing

Not sure where you fall within these brackets? Give us a call and we can quote custom services.  



Top features

  • Quickbooks Online Subscription (Essentials)
  • 1 bank account, 1 credit card  - transaction classification and monthly reconciliations
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Report
  • Monthly Balance Sheet
  • Secure Document Exchange

Small Business


Most Popular

Includes everything from Solopreneur package plus:

  • Up to 3 Bank accounts, credit card + Paypal monthly reconciliations
  • Customized & Automated Reports
  • Enter Bills and Link invoices
  • Enter Expenses and Attach Receipts

Mid-Size Busines


Top features

Includes everything in Small Business plus:

  • QuickBooks Online Subscription (Plus)
  • Monthly Depreciation of Fixed Assets
  • Monthly Review of Accounts Receivable and Payables
  • Monthly Review of loans 

Setup, Clean-up and Catchup Pricing

Pricing for setup, clean-up and catchup of QuickBooks Online varies depending on the state of your books. A fixed-price quote will be provided to you in the Scope of Work along with a detailed list of work to be performed.

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