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Business and personal tax returns, tax planning and strategy.  Saving you time, money and stress when it comes time to file.

Providing guidance and advice on implementing time-saving and tax-saving best practices in your business all year long.

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Complete a quick questionnaire to identify your tax needs, whether it be personal, business or both.

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Your Trusted Tax Advisor

Sign your engagement letter and receive your checklist for the upcoming tax season. Optional: select a tax planning package that meets your needs.

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  1. Start with completing a quick questionnaire to help us identify your tax needs.  
  2. Schedule a New Tax Client Call to discuss questionnaire and identify specifics and how we can help.
  3. We both decide if we are a good fit and if so, we send you an engagement letter to kick off the next tax year.

Beginning of Tax Year

  • We send you a tax organizer and a checklist of documents needed.
  • You upload your documents and tax organizer into our secure cloud storage or you bring documents in person.
  • We begin the leg work on our side and send follow-up questions and document requests if needed. 
  • A virtual or in-person tax appointment is held to finalize any outstanding items  and communicate recommendations to minimize your taxes.
  • You review your return(s) and sign digitally for e-filing. 
  • If more time is needed, we file an extension and make an appointment to begin the work when you are ready.

Tax Planning:

  • Adding a tax planning meeting outside of tax filing season can be instrumental in implementing tax saving strategies before the end of year. We can provide advice, resources or walk you through the steps of implementation. 

Beyond Taxes:

  • Add on back office time saving best practices to streamline your record keeping, payroll, bill payments and accounting.
  • Get personalized tax advice when completing your W4s, considering selling your home, or making that investment. 
  • Offload your bookkeeping to our team of bookkeepers and let your numbers go to work for you. 
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Pricing for taxes is personalized based on your needs. Personal returns, S-Corps, K-1s, C-Corps, Partnerships, multiple state returns will take more time and be priced at higher rates than a W-2 personal return. Complete our new client questionnaire to get your price quote today.

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