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Hello, I'm Julie Merrill. I'm an entrepreneur, CPA*, QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor, financial analyst, business & marketing coach, wife and mom.

Over the years, I have worked at accounting firms, large corporate companies, startup tech companies, run my own E-Commerce business, and coached other business owners on both marketing and business strategies.

I am a fixer. Give me a jumble of a mess and I will fix it.  In my years at startup companies and corporations, I was repeatedly given divisions or challenges that weren't functioning optimally and I streamlined them. Sometimes divisions didn't even exist yet and I built them from the ground up.

I must organize and develop systems, even for myself, otherwise it is too easy to settle with chaos. 

I am a number cruncher at heart. I love to take your data points and tell your business story in numbers. As you can imagine, Excel is my best friend. 

As a business owner myself, I understand the frustrations and NEED to make business-altering decisions on the fly.

My goal is to help make you more fiscally knowledgable, know the numbers that drive your business...  and enable you to make DATA-DRIVEN decisions in real-time.

Did I mention, I LOVE TO HELP people! From my podcast, to my YouTube channel to my online courses and free guides, I thrive on sharing tips, hacks and how-tos with my people.

I also go by The Paddleboarding CPA. If you watch my YouTube videos, you'll see me call myself this.

As you can guess, I love to standup paddleboard (I'm actually a certified instructor). 

... and for a "season" of my life, I coached paddleboard shops and instructors on business and marketing strategies. That was a FUN season!

I still do help out and love my paddleboard business community, but my focus has shifted to be a little more inclusive and help all kinds of small business owners across the US.

Is that you?

Today, I'm here to help YOU be the HERO of your business, to help you through starting, growing and streamlining your business. 

Let me ask, "How can you utilize me as your resource?" 

I'm here ready to help and I can't wait to work with you!


Julie Merrill
Julie Merrill Consulting & Bookkeeping

* What's up with the CPA asterick? I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant in California, but it's been years since I worked on audits, so I renew my license and have so for many moons as "inactive". If CPAs are signing audit reports, doing formal reviews or signing tax returns, they must complete additional work to be "active". I don't do these things, so I continue to renew my license as "inactive". 

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