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App integration can save you tons of time, but it can also create a mess if not done correctly.
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Schedule a NEW CLIENT strategy call with Julie. If you hire Julie, the cost of the call will be deducted off your amount owed.

Defining Scope of Work

Julie will provide a detailed scope of work with either an hourly rate or a fixed price, based on your preference.  After an engagement letter is signed, provide payment and work begins.  


Julie will assist you integrating your apps, mapping transactions to the correct accounts and testing for accuracy. Your participation in the setup will depend on the apps. 



If you hire me to integration 3rd party software or apps, here is how the process will work. 

  • We will discuss what software you currently use or apps that I recommend using for clean integrations
  • I will integrate the apps or walk you through the integration (depending upon the app)
  • Transactions will be mapped to the proper QBO accounts and tested that they are working.
  • Apps include, but are not limited to, Shopify, Square, Paypal, Gusto payroll, TSheets time tracking, Bill.com, Zapier and Kajabi
  • If you have other apps, these can be integrated as well. Schedule a call to discuss further.
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Pricing for app integration is based on scope of work performed and varies by project.  Work can be agreed upon with fixed price or hourly pricing.  Schedule a call to start defining the scope of work and receive a custom quote. 

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