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More than just your tax preparer.  Offering 1:1 comprehensive tax planning consultations and ongoing advisory services. 

Bring your Certified Tax Advisor into your inner circle and learn how you, like the wealthy, can save more on taxes, build more wealth and gain more freedom!

I would like a customized comprehensive tax plan!
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‚úst¬†Individual wealth goals
‚úst¬†Legacy and Estate planning
‚úst¬†Asset protection
‚úst¬†Self-Directed Retirement
‚úst¬†Advanced Tax Strategies

How it works

Discovery Call

Complete a quick questionnaire to identify your tax needs. An email will be sent to you to schedule a discovery call.

Comprehensive Consult

A 2-hour consultation with your personal tax advisor to create your comprehensive wealth and legacy-building plan. Have a customized wealth-building and tax savings plan prepared for you with goals, strategies and identified vehicles to select for reaching those goals.

Advisory Relationship

Meet with your personal tax advisor monthly or quarterly to be guided through implementation of identified strategies identified in the comprehensive tax plan. Connect with our attorneys and preferred partners to complete your trifecta, protect your assets and build more wealth.

I am a new client, let's get started!


We are committed to providing fair pricing and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to save you at least 5x in taxes compared to our fees.



Complete our new client questionnaire to find out how you can schedule a discovery call to see how we can work together.  The discovery call is required for all new tax advisory clients.  It is our goal to determine if we are a good fit.


Comprehensive Consult

A 2-hour consultation to customize and identify opportunities in wealth-building and tax savings. A roadmap prepared for you with strategies in reaching those goals. Meet with your personal Certified Tax Advisor to organize and diagram your trifecta and wealth building opportunities, identifying specific strategies available to you based on your personal needs. 



Advisory Relationship

Meet with your personal Certified Tax Advisor monthly or quarterly to keep on top of your tax, business and accounting needs. Set monthly/quarterly goals and be held accountable to reaching those goals.

Gone is the time when you only talk to your tax preparer once a year, or your emails and calls go unanswered when you really need help.  We are in it to win it, and reach success when you build your wealth and save on taxes. 

Bring us into your inner circle, stay on top of your numbers and let us help you build your legacy.

Pricing depends upon the level of service needed, the frequency meetings and the scope of work involved. Monthly or quarterly meetings may be preferred.


New Client Questionnaire