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Do you have the resources to help you build a successful S Corporation AND save in taxes?

Let us help you today! What phase are you in? Do you need help with all of it or just one part? We can customize our offering to your needs. We are proud to be your personal CPA!


Company Setup and S Corp Election

Setup your company with a bank account, EIN, and elect to be treated as an S Corporation for tax purposes.


Optimize It

Implementation of Accountable Plan AND  retirement matching and sharing tax strategies. Consultation to determine Reasonable Salary. Includes templates, reasonable salary calculator, meeting minute examples and training.




Setup of QuickBooks Online optimized for S Corporation equity and industry chart of accounts. Includes linking business bank and credit cards. Monthly bookkeeping services available upon request.


Payroll Setup

New payroll setup with 3rd party processor. 1:1 live walk-through and training of first payroll run. (Includes state payroll tax ID / EDD setup for CA companies)



File Tax Return

S Corporation tax return filing and preparation by a CPA with S Corporation expertise.  Includes federal and state filings, generation of K-1s, and new basis schedules. Extensions included.

Mid-year / Year-end REVIEW

Meet to review your progress, change in projections, earnings and ADJUST your reasonable salary, profit sharing and shareholder withhdrawls DURING the tax year.

From Julie R Merrill, CPA:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.

Proud to be your personal CPA!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t pay anymore than you have to in taxes! Optimize your tax savings today.



Let your personal CPA go to work for you. 


Common packages are outlined below. Customizations and pricing are available based on your specific needs.

New Business

varies by state and biz type

  • Guided setup of LLC with state authority
  • Guided setup of EIN and filing of first state Annual Report or Statement of Information
  • S Corp Election filing with IRS
  • New company checklist
  • Opening a business bank account checklist
  • 1:1 Consultation

(excludes Operating Agreement)

Tax Optimization Strategy

varies by package

  • S Corp, Now What eBook
  • White glove implementation of Accountable Plan, templates and training
  • Implementation of Retirement Matching Strategy
  • Reasonable salary consultation and calculator
  • Meeting minutes templates
  • Checklist of deductible expenses
  • 1:1 Consultation

Payroll Setup

varies by state

  • White glove setup of new payroll account with preferred 3rd party payroll partner
  • Payroll state ID setup for California companies via EDD
  • Video tutorials on connecting business bank account to payroll
  • Sync of QuickBooks Online accounts for automatic posting of payroll JEs
  • Guided assistance in running payroll, including video screenshare during first payroll run

Other services

  • QuickBooks Online Setup  - $575
  • S Corp Election Filing for existing entity - $225
  • Mid-year or Year-End review - $225
  • Tax Return Preparation and Filing - $1,000 * 

* base price of S Corp tax return, price may increase as time and complexity are added

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