Paddleboarding with dogs! Sam from SUP Pups California combines her passion for SUP and dogs with SUP Pups California - 025

Season #1 Episode #25

Sam is making money doing what she loves on the water with both her passions: standup paddle boarding and dogs with SUP Pups California. Inspired by her rescue dog Jack, aka The Dingo Jack, Sam dove into a niche venture of teaching dog owners the tricks, tips and hacks of enjoying SUP time of the water with their pups. Sam thrives in helping others share this joy with their dogs and also plays an active role in the dog rescue community. Join us in milestone episode 25 as she talks about challenges, equipment, instruction, and partnerships …and even shares some of her marketing secrets.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How Sam came to specialize in working with dog owners to bring their pups out paddleboarding
  • Repeat customers, marketing incentives and why people keep coming back with their pups
  • Dog size, age, temperament and weight can add complexity and challenges to the instruction
  • Board transfers for dogs that want to jump between owners, what happens when you have 2 dogs together in the same class
  • Goal is to 1-stand up and 2-to stay dry
  • Photos and videos are complementary to add value
  • Special equipment, Dog PFDs and paddleboard types best suited for dogs
  • Tips and strategies for paddleboarding with your pup
  • Marketing and advertising being at the top of Google Search results
  • San Diego Pets Magazine, Meetup Groups, Facebook promos and being featured on the morning news
  • How the photos she takes of her clients become viral through customer social sharing
  • Raising money for dog charities and rescues, diving into the niche and being involved in the community

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