Instagram Stories: The HOW, WHAT and WHY to use IG Stories to grow your SUP, kayak and outdoor fitness business - 024

Season #1 Episode #24

What are Instagram Stories, ideas for posting, how to post, how to optimize and why you need to be using them in your SUP, kayak and outdoor fitness business.  The RAWness of Instagram Stories makes them relatable, establishes a connection with your customer virtually and turns viewers into paying customers.  Stories can be optimized to obtain free organic reach, covering strategies and tips in posting and what is more effective.  New to Instagram Stories and not sure where to start? No problem .The basics are covered here in this episode as well as below in the free video tutorial.

In this episode…

  • Instagram Stories defined, breaking it down to basics, covering features and where to begin
  • Why using Instagram Stories in your business CONVERTS your viewers into paying customers.
  • The process: 1-Capture – 2-Optimize – 3-Post
  • Ideas for posting to Instagram Stories, how to use them to connect to your customers and humanize your business
  • Types of capture
  • Optimization through stickers, hashtags and text
  • Engagement opportunities with your customers, get them clicking on your stories
  • Instagram Highlights and how to make your stories available after they expire on your profile page
  • Tips and strategies, timing of posts, frequency and how to see who’s watching your stories

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