Kids SUP camps and adventures in a tourist location with Jessica D'Aleo of YoloBoard Adventures - 019

Season #1 Episode #19

OLO Board Adventures offers standup paddle board SUP kids camps and a variety of other adventures in Sandestin Florida.  Jessica D’Aleo discusses the challenges and what’s involved in the kids camp she manages including who they market to, what’s involved behind-the-scenes in the camp as well as other offerings like YOLO Tribe Night, YOLO Board 101 and Paddle Core Pro, a HIIT like workout on a standup paddle board.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Kids day standup paddle board day camps, staffing, equipment and marketing
  • Water safety as it relates to hosting a camp for kids
  • Planning and strategy for this upcoming summer season
  • How the number of guides is adjusted for kids in a class
  • Special equipment needed for running a kids camp
  • Marketing locally and to tourists in print advertising, with nearby establishments and online
  • How YOLO Board offers a newbie intro class to new board owners
  • The powerful community of YOLO Board and how it offers relay races and YOLO Tribe night, bringing local families together

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Special thanks to Jessica for joining the show!