Caroline Raphael trains with Paddle Monster to attempt Guinness World Record paddle of Lebanon's coastline

Season #1 Episode #29

Caroline Raphael of Surf Shack Lebanon is taking her paddling to the next level by training for an upcoming epic feat. She will be attempting to set a new Guinness World Record by paddling over 180 km in 24 hours along Lebanon’s coast. 

You might ask Caroline why? Simply, she loves the water, paddling and is passionate about supporting multiple causes dear to her. She hopes this event will raise awareness to the sport of stand up paddle, the Lebanese coastline, its marine life and to empower the women in Lebanon.

To work up to the distance, she is training virtually with Paddle Monster, an online virtual training program for stand up paddle boarding. She also had the opportunity to do an in-person training session with one of Paddle Monster’s trainers and elite SUP racer, Seychelle

Caroline Raphael, photo by Roy Mrad

Back in her home country of Lebanon, she continues her training with the support of her local community of paddlers.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Her goal for this event and the causes she is bringing awareness to, including Lebanon’s trash problem, cleaning up the coastline and protecting marine life, promoting the sport of stand up paddle and empowering Lebanese women.
  • Training with Paddle Monster, her local community and paddle network
  • How it all started with taking locals and tourists on tours of the coastline to bring awareness to the country’s beauty
  • Resistance and efforts to make change regarding the trash and sewage problems
  • Her aquatic sports business in the calm bay of Lebanon and the joy being on the water brings to her

    Caroline Raphael, photo by Roy Mrad

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