Ina's Mermaid School with SUP instructor, pilates fitness trainer and free diver Karen Tickner - 022

Season #1 Episode #22

Karen Tickner, an active free diver, pilates and SUP instructor has turned her passion for mermaids into a profitable venture.  Ina’s Mermaid School teaches you and your kids how to swim and do tricks while wearing a mermaid tail.  Listen to Karen’s story, how she was inspired to live life as a mermaid, her many gigs, challenges and how she is living out her passion in gulf coast Florida.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Karen’s new venture and how the Gulf Coast region captures the spirit of the mermaid passion
  • Mermaid classes available now including Mermaid 101 with swimming skills and tricks, Mermaid 201 entering the deep end, and Mermaid 301 expanding into synchronized swimming
  • How she embraces the local mermaid following and emerges herself into the community via mermaid meetups
  • Mermaid gigs in bars and in the bay for photo opportunities
  • Her collection of Mermaid tails, both available for rent and purchase
  • How she surprised an 8-year-old girl when she was swimming with her mermaid tail and popped up on a rock next to her
  • How she splits her time as a mermaid with her other gig of being a personal fitness trainer
  • The biggest challenge of teaching mermaid classes in public pools
  • Pricing the mermaid experience and her challenges to make it work for both tourists and locals, in off season and busy season
  • How working with resorts in a tourist area helps provide for marketing to her classes
  • How flyers and print ads are used across various outings in the community to drive traffic to her classes when she is seen
  • How you can spend a day as a Mermaid with photo opportunities
  • Tips and advice for swimming with a mermaid tail

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Special thanks to Karen for joining the show!