Reach NEW paddlers by finding out EXACT questions they are asking - using language to reach more customers - 027

Season #1 Episode #27

Break down barriers by using the EXACT language that new customers and new paddlers know and understand. Understand the various types of customer personas or avatars, as diagramed below in the paddling customer pyramid.  Discover Julie’s two favorite online tools that reveal those EXACT words, phrases and questions people are asking and searching for online right now. How to setup new paddlers for success, how you can show up and answer their questions, building trust to gain new customers at your shop, classes or location.

In this interview:

  • Define 4 types of customer personas
  • Why big box stores are successful to selling packages to newbies
  • How you can show up to serve that new paddler and be their guide
  • What is the #1 question asked online by new paddlers?
  • Top 2 favorite online tools to use as a resource for discovering exact phrases and questions being asked MOST online
  • How to use this information to serve new paddlers
  • How to avoid overwhelm; the language you use can break down barriers or builds them up
  • YouTube search tips
    • “keyword”
    • “how”+”_”+ space = “keyword”
    • “best”+”_”+ space = “keyword”
    • “keyword” + “a” [or any letter] [add space after selecting result]

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