7 Day Adventure SUP River Trip down the Escalante with Adventure Photographer Dylan Brown - 020

Season #1 Episode #20

Adventure sports photographer Dylan Brown shares his journey reflecting on his 7 day, 96 mile Escalante River SUP adventure.  As the leader, photographer and cinematographer, he shares personal reasons for wanting to capture the beauty of this close-to-home,  endangered low flow serpentine style river.  Join us as he transports us to remote Utah on a paddle board, bringing you along for the ride to experience both some of his challenging and breathtaking moments.  He also shares his behind the scenes planning and post-trip reflection as he brings awareness, conservation and adventure to this majestic river in Utah.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • The personal reasons why Dylan chose Utah’s Escalante River and this location
  • How he assembled his team (Morgan Smith, Morgan Tilton, Aaron Kloer and Jordan Curet)
  • Behind the scenes planning with the water levels, packing and equipment
  • Challenges they faced including drinking water, sun protection and thunder storms
  • How he captured the moments in his amazing photographs and video
  • His conservation efforts as politics has changed the protective state of this river and the region
  • How he would have changed the trip if he could do it again
  • What he recommends for others taking multi-day river paddleboarding trips

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