Connecting with your customers, community and true nature through SUP Yoga - Ash Bourgeois of Wild Path - 026

Season #1 Episode #26

Ash Bourgeois, owner of Wild Path, shares her story of bringing standup paddle board yoga to the prairies in Winnipeg, Canada.  She specializes in going places nobody knows about where SUP is the only way can get around.  Connecting through nature, with her customers and community, she leads adventures on land and water honoring her own wildness.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Her summer and peak season strategies, including the four SUP yoga classes she offers weekly (Wild and Free, Float Class, Let Go and Flow and Soft and Sweet)
  • Day and weekend adventures plus retreats that she leads with paddling and hikes
  • How she connects with her customers and why they keep coming back
  • How she honors, respects and works with the local 1st nation community and their traditions
  • Her winter strategy and why creating group outdoor activities is a draw for her customers
  • SUP teacher training and her unique approach
  • Moving to digital in the off-season launching her Inner Compass Challenge
  • Email marketing and social media strategies

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Special thanks to Ash for joining the show!