Business and Marketing TIPS for New SUP and SUP Yoga Instructors - 021

Season #1 Episode #21

Julie talks business and marketing tips for new stand up paddle board, paddleboard yoga, SUP, kayak and outdoor fitness instructors.  From setting up your business to collecting money, strategizing your class list, identifying your ideal customer and marketing 101, this podcast dives into many of the aspects that need to be put in place before getting on the water to teach a class.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • 5 Steps to turning your SUP instructor dream into a successful venture with business and marketing tips
  • Put your business hat on, lay your business foundation
  • MONEY: How you get paid and collect money? From payment processors to booking software
  • Equipment and location – how to do it solo and how partnering with a waterfront shop can make it easier on you
  • What types of classes will you offer?
  • Identifying your ideal customer, how to tap into their feelings with the experience your class brings to them
  • Marketing online and in person to your ideal customer







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