Standup paddle board racing, training, coaching, sponsorship and nutrition with elite SUP racer Seychelle - 010

Season #1 Episode #10

Hitting the standup paddle board racing circuit by storm, Seychelle has made a name for herself in 2 short years.  Only picking up paddleboarding 3 years ago, she has worked with coaches and implemented an incredibly focused training schedule and nutrition regimen to achieve elite performance.  Seychelle is currently ranked in the top 10 women standup paddle board racers in the world.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How Seychelle made the transition from training for a marathon to standup paddle boarding
  • SUP Coaching and how she has evolved with coaches from two short years ago, when she was just starting out to now that she is ranked worldwide
  • The importance of nutrition, diving deep into Seychelle’s nutrition pre-race strategy and training strategy and how being a vegan impacts her nutrition choices
  • Sponsorships and how that has changed, her recommendations on how to approach a sponsor and why they are looking for athletes at all levels
  • The transition from flat water paddling to racing in surf, her training and lessons learned
  • Performance and improvement at the 2016 and 2017 Pacific Paddle Games
  • Advice for paddle boarders looking to get into racing
  • What being a professional elite stand up paddle board racer looks like on a weekly basis

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