Guiding ECO adventure tours by kayak in Antarctica | Louise Adie - 011

Season #1 Episode #11

Louise Adie is a veteran kayaker and guide who spends months out of the year on eco-tourism ships with the destination of Antarctica.  She vividly explains the humbling experience of physically being on Antarctica’s shoreline and interacting with sealife during a kayak adventure from her ship.  Her love of Antarctica and preserving its state is evident in her interview in this podcast episode.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Experiencing an eco-tour in Antarctica and what to expect
  • Trip experiences with humpback whales, leopard seals and penguins
  • The biggest challenges participants and guides face on eco tours
  • The biggest takeaway for tourists on eco tours
  • Other excursions and adventures available to tourists on eco tour ships
  • How Louise came into the eco kayak adventure guide gig
  • How the glaciers and the continent change and double before your eyes

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Special thanks to Louise Adie for joining the show!