Instagram and Snapchat stories, tips, strategies and new features with Brock Johnson - 015

Season #1 Episode #15

Brock Johnson is a podcaster, entrepreneur, business coach and social media strategist.  His mission is simply to transform his listeners and followers into social media money makers.  In this episode of The Paddleboarding CPA podcast, Brock joins us to discuss Instagram and Snapchat stories, tips and new features.  We dive into strategies that when implemented with consistency, will help grow your engagement and followers across these social media channels.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How Instagram adding STORIES has been a huge game changer!
  • Strategies that work for combining Snapchat, Instagram stories and Instagram feed posts for maximum engagement and why you shouldn’t post the same stories across both channels
  • Strategies for Instagram and how to choose what content you should post
  • New Instagram Feature: Highlight Stories Reel – how to optimize it, why you should be using it, who sees it and how to be strategic with what gets saved into this stories archive
  • New Instagram Feature: Following Hashtags – how you can use this to follow your interests and how to use this feature for your brand
  • HASHTAGS – how many you should include in each post, which hashtags to use and how to use a hashtag to gain brand awareness through shoutouts
  • Strategies for growing your brand, identifying your ideal client or IC, “lifer”, and posting to their interests
  • How frequently you should be posting
  • Instragram Pods or networks / communities of like-branded groups collaborating to grow engagement across each others posts – should you look into these and how you approach it
  • Sponsorship tips, positioning yourself for sponsorship and expectations
  • Disclosing ads and sponsored posts to keep you out of Instagram jail
  • New Features and what to expect in 2018 with Snapchat

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Special thanks to Brock for joining the show!