Julie R Merrill, CPA

Business, Tax and Personal CFO Services

Tax preparation, tax filing, and implementation of tax-saving strategies.  Specializing in U.S. business tax returns, individual tax returns, and personal CFO services.

Tax Preparation, Filing and Strategy

Hire a professional tax preparer for your business and personal tax needs. Providing tax expertise in S Corporation, Partnership, LLC and tax reporting of Sole Proprietorship businesses, as well as real estate transactions, rental properties, and stock options.

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Personal CFO Services

Guided assistance in payroll setup, QuickBooks Online setup, bookkeeping, 1099 filings, hiring strategies, budgets, 3rd party software integration, new business setup and dissolution... and more. Implement best practices with the help of an expert.

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FREE Checklist: 
What can I deduct in my business?

Are you maximizing out your tax deductions? Making sure you don't claim non-deductibles and get flagged for an audit? 

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More Free Guides

Product Cost and Profit Calculator

A free calculator to determine your cost and net profit of physical products.


S-Corp, Now What?

A free guide for the new and seasoned S Corp shareholder. Tips, tax strategies, reasonable salary and more.


Hiring My Kids

The secret tax savings of hiring your kids in your business.


Free LLC Checklist

Setup your LLC right from the start. 


MasterClass for Partnerships

$147.00 USD

A Master Class for Partnerships

This online do-at-your-own pace video series provides templates, how-tos, tutorials and an overview of starting and managing your Partnership. 

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Hi, I'm Julie Merrill

I am a licensed CPA, tax advisor, accountant, financial integrator, bookkeeper and personal CFO.

How can I help you save time and money?

... File your taxes with a peace of mind that you have the representation and attention to detail of a tax expert and CPA.

... Tax strategy doesn't happen at tax filing, it happens throughout the year. Let's look at tax strategies that benefit you and we can implement today.

... Implement business best practices with the guided assistance of an expert.

 Your personal CFO,

Julie R Merrill, CPA

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Darrius Thompson
CEO at SweetLabs

Julie is amazing at helping to make any part of a business run more efficiently. This allows team members to get critical time back that can be spent on the most pressing opportunities. Julie is smart, adaptable, a joy to work with and one of the most reliable individuals I've had the pleasure to work with.

Chester Ng
Partner at Atomic

When I think of the wide range of challenges she has taken on from finance to accounting to HR to product management to partner management and how she has exceeded expectations in every role, I can only sum up how impressed I have been by Julie's versatility as such: "Julie of all trades, master of all."...

Misty Marcum Rolfs
Owner at Luna Moon SUP

Thanks for all your  tips, videos and info! Its been SUPER helpful for me becoming a legit SUP Biz :) You're amazing!!


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