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Personal CFO services include, but are not limited to, tax planning & strategy, tax prep and filing, business setup, automation and financial integration to 3rd party software, financial and cost analysis, and of course bookkeeping. Julie R Merrill, CPA is your trusted and personal CFO.

Tax Preparation, Filing and Strategy

Hire a professional tax preparer for your business and personal tax needs. Optimize your personal and business tax savings today.

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QuickBooks Online Clean-up, Setup and Monthly Bookkeeping

Is your accounting software a mess? Need helping setting up your bookkeeping or taking it off your plate all together?

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Budgets, Models & Cost Analysis

Does your head spin seeing a spreadsheet full of numbers? Let me crunch the numbers for you. Know your profit margins, stick to a budget or run what-if scenarios on business opportunities. 

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What can I deduct in my business?

Are you maximizing out your tax deductions? Making sure you don't claim non-deductibles and get flagged for an audit? 

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Hi, I'm Julie Merrill

I am a licensed CPA, tax advisor, accountant, financial integrator, bookkeeper and personal CFO.

How can I help you save time and money?

 ... I thrive in situations that don't have an obvious answer but require some calculations and creativity... and of course involves some number crunching.

... I am a business owner myself, have seen hands-on what works and what doesn't and share those lessons learned with my clients.

... I am an automator and integrator at heart, implementing best practices that reduce overwhelm, reduce errors and optimize efficiencies.

   Work smarter and live harder!

Your personal CFO,

Julie R Merrill, CPA

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What others are saying about Julie

Darrius Thompson
CEO at SweetLabs

Julie is amazing at helping to make any part of a business run more efficiently. This allows team members to get critical time back that can be spent on the most pressing opportunities. Julie is smart, adaptable, a joy to work with and one of the most reliable individuals I've had the pleasure to work with.

Chester Ng
Partner at Atomic

When I think of the wide range of challenges she has taken on from finance to accounting to HR to product management to partner management and how she has exceeded expectations in every role, I can only sum up how impressed I have been by Julie's versatility as such: "Julie of all trades, master of all."...

Misty Marcum Rolfs
Owner at Luna Moon SUP

Thanks for all your  tips, videos and info! Its been SUPER helpful for me becoming a legit SUP Biz :) You're amazing!!


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