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Tax preparation, tax filing, tax advisory services and guided implementation of tax-saving strategies.  Specializing in U.S. business tax returns, individual tax returns, tax advisory and fractional CFO services.

Tax Preparation and Filing

Hire a professional tax preparer for your business and individual tax needs. Providing tax expertise in S Corporation, Partnership, LLC and tax reporting of Sole Proprietorship businesses, as well as real estate transactions, rental properties, and stock options.

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Tax Advisory Services

Want to save on taxes like the wealthy do? Deep dive into your financial health, tax strategy and personal/business goals with a comprehensive tax planning session. Get your comprehensive tax-savings, asset protection and wealth building roadmap today.

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Fractional CFO Services

Guided assistance in payroll setup, QuickBooks setup, bookkeeping, 1099 filings, hiring strategies, budgets, 3rd party software integration, new business setup and dissolution... and more. Implement best practices with the help of an expert.

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Free Guides

S-Corp, Now What?

A free guide for the new and seasoned S Corp shareholder. Tips, tax strategies, reasonable salary and more.


What can I deduct in my business?

A list of write-offs you don't want to miss out on in your business!


Hiring My Kids

The secret tax savings of hiring your kids in your business.


Online Courses - Invest in Your Success!

Expand your knowledge with best practices, tax savings tips and resources in these self-paced, on-demand online courses.

S Corporation Foundations

Fundamentals to starting, owning and running your S Corporation. 

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Partnership Foundations

Fundamentals to starting, owning and running your Partnership.

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Deduct your S Corp Home Office

How to implement an Accountable Plan and write-off your home office in your S Corporation.

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Hi, I'm Julie Merrill

I am a licensed CPA, Certified Main Street Pro tax advisor, accountant, financial integrator, bookkeeper and personal CFO.

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... File your taxes with a peace of mind that you have the representation and attention to detail of a tax expert and CPA.

... Tax strategy doesn't happen at tax filing, it happens throughout the year. Let's look at tax strategies that benefit you and we can implement today.

... Implement business best practices with the guided assistance of an expert.

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Julie R Merrill, CPA

Estimated Quarterly Taxes Explained

Jun 18, 2024

RSU Tax Tips: Avoid Double Taxation

May 26, 2024

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Julie is the absolute best. She helped me understand and set up systems for managing my S-Corp!  For the first time, I don't feel stressed or confused, because Julie's competent support has changed how I do accounting and taxes.


Julie is fantastic to work with! She handled the entire process to setup my LLC from start to finish, and made every step feel easy and straightforward.


We love the quick turnarounds, tax tips, video reviews and the fact she's always available for questions. The ability to use the secure, provided TaxDome app to communicate and scan/upload our documents is huge plus.


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