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Outsource my budgeting, cost analysis or financial modeling for my business. 

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Schedule a NEW CLIENT strategy call with Julie. If you hire Julie, the cost of the call will be deducted off your amount owed.

Defining Scope of Work

Julie will provide a detailed scope of work with either an hourly rate or a fixed price, based on your preference.  After an engagement letter is signed, provide payment and work begins.

Offload My Number Crunching

Documents are shared securely, communication preferences are set and Julie provides deliverables in agreed upon timeline. Your participation and feedback is essential.



If you hire me to provide forecasts, budgets or product cost analysis, here is how the process will work:

  • We will have an initial meeting to define the scope of work, your timeline and expectations
  • I will send you an engagement letter for the project to clearly define and outline work to be performed

For Budgeting:

  • I will provide a template for you to complete with known data points. I will provide a prior year report from QBO (if updated) for reference.
  • I can import your budget directly into your QBO file for budget to actual reporting (*requires QBO Plus subscription level)

For Financial Models:

  • For financial modeling or what-if forecasting, I will provide the basics outlined above in budgeting.
  • I will identify the variable drivers that impact your numbers and create input fields where you can modify those drivers in an Excel spreadsheet to provide varying results.

For Product Cost Analysis

  • I will provide a template for you to complete with known costs that make up your product cost
  • I will take your inputs and create a product-level Return-On-Investment and Cost of Sales analysis so that you can truly understand your products on a cost-basis and make data-driven decisions on your offers
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Pricing for budgeting, financial models and cost analysis is based on scope of work performed and varies by project.  Work can be agreed upon with fixed price or hourly pricing.  Schedule a call to start defining the scope of work and receive a custom quote. 

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