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Keep your personal address off public records and hire Julie R Merrill CPA & Associates as your California Registered Agent.

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I need a registered agent in California


Every business is required to have a registered agent, a legal point of contact for correspondence regarding the business.

Some states require you to use a 3rd party registered agent service and some states allow you to be your own registered agent, although you may still elect to hire a service.

Why would you hire someone?

  • If you are your own registered agent, your name and address are officially filed with the state, are searchable, and available for public viewing.
  • A post office box or virtual address is not allowed to be used for a registered agent address.
  • By using a registered agent service, you maintain anonymity by keeping your personal address and location off of official filings.

What is sent to a registered agent:

  • legal documents
  • subpoenas
  • regulatory and tax notices
  • legal and official correspondence
I need a registered agent


Pay $55 quarterly or $179 annually for registered agent services.

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